Watercolor Leafy Plant Print Art


  • Fine watercolor prints – color tones and contours look stunning near and far.
  • Variety of subjects – can be mixed in a grouping to provide interest and contrast to complete a space.
  • Minimalist and nature inspired – includes natural elements with plenty of negative space for a relaxed yet ordered aesthetic.
  • Diverse representation of plants from different climate regions, without the need to care for real plants.
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These verdant leafy watercolor prints bring nature indoors with a touch of abstract softness. The branches and leaf outlines define interesting contours, while the leaf shapes and clusters, as well as speckled vases, present a study in arrangement and repetition of different varieties. This adaptable artwork can be used in a variety of applications: to soften artificial textures and urban surroundings, to complement natural elements such as wood and indoor houseplants, and to echo natural outdoor scenery.

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